Cabin supply

A cabin supply service that gets to the heart of your issues

The cabin supply service offers a wide range of cabins on attractive economic terms and with short delivery times and a fast assembly service. Endowed with skill and expertise, K.B.O positions itself as a preferential partner and coaches its customers to accomplish their cabin projects.

With its design and engineering office, the company gives advice on devising and analysing specifications, right up to the manufacture of products. K.B.O prioritises collaborative work and joint-development of technical teams when helping to bring customers’ projects to successful conclusions.

A service adapted to your constraints

Depending on your requirements and budgets, our company offers various levels of cabin comfort. K.B.O can provide everything from minimal to sophisticated equipment with complete systems (plug & play).

For instance, the company offers an extensive choice of coverings and glazing materials so as to guarantee a work environment that blends comfort and high performances.
We can also build in and optimise heating, air conditioning, pressurisation and filtering solutions in the most efficient way possible.


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Notre produit

K.B.O vous propose une large gamme de cabines adaptées à de nombreuses marques de chariots


K.B.O vous informe et met à votre disposition tous les documents dont vous avez besoin pour vos cabines