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KBO, a trusty partner for all your needs


K.B.O offers a wide range of cabins for the main brands of forklifts. The company has also amassed expertise in cabin air conditioning and pressurisation for lifting, earthmoving and agricultural equipment.

The products on offer, which have ISO 9001 certification version 2008 & 14000 and also CE certified, are continually improved and assembled in our workshops and on sites. K.B.O is renowned for the efficiency with which it responds to customers’ needs and its capacity to meet deadlines thanks to its substantial stock, which enables it to deliver parts within 48 hours. A team of technicians is on hand to provide you with comprehensive support and follow-up and you are also given all necessary documentation and have access to a hotline during assembly.

KBO, expert skills across the entire network

The 8000 m2 distribution and R&D workshop is in Mornant, near Lyon. K.B.O products are distributed all over France and Europe. K.B.O also has a design and engineering office that continually seeks to improve products and devise new solutions for customers.

The 10,000 m2 production plant is located in Poland and boasts 120 employees and cutting-edge technology.

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Notre produit

K.B.O vous propose une large gamme de cabines adaptées à de nombreuses marques de chariots


K.B.O vous informe et met à votre disposition tous les documents dont vous avez besoin pour vos cabines