K.B.O's history

A history in tune with prevailing trends

Since the 90s, improving the work stations of vehicle operators has become an increasingly important issue. Laurent Keufterian sought to do just that when, in 2008, he set up a company offering cabins and the cutting edge of comfort and technology for big brand forklifts.

By selling a range of products, along with equipment that also combined the qualities of comfort and technical sophistication, K.B.O enables its customers to increase the efficiency of their lifting work. In 2014 K.B.O launched its cabin air conditioning business in order to provide an even more comprehensive service.

A company strengthened by numerous partnerships

Ever since it was set up, the company has been able to create and develop partnerships both with importers and manufacturers, establishing it as a major orderer.

Our historic partnerships include one with HENMAR, a family company set up in 1986 to make cabins.

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Notre produit

K.B.O vous propose une large gamme de cabines adaptées à de nombreuses marques de chariots


K.B.O vous informe et met à votre disposition tous les documents dont vous avez besoin pour vos cabines