Cabin equipment

Cabin equipment for optimising the work environment


K.B.O has a broad catalogue of cabin equipment so that you can enjoy an optimise work station that combines comfort and performance. The company deploys all of its skill and expertise on behalf of its customers in order to draw up, with them, the most appropriate solution for their needs.
Several aspects of cabins can be improved: security, visibility, sound proofing, air conditioning, ergonomics, comfort, and so on. The department set up by the company to deal with parts can cater to all requests.

Continuous improvement of production and products


Our production tool benefits from sustained and constant investment every year, ensuring it improves to integrate the very latest technologies. This policy means we can guarantee high-quality manufacturing, repeat processes and parts, better flow management and increased competitiveness.


Examples of equipment installed by K.B.O teams

Driver protectors

Outside lighting

Safety glass

Air conditioning

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Notre produit

K.B.O vous propose une large gamme de cabines adaptées à de nombreuses marques de chariots


K.B.O vous informe et met à votre disposition tous les documents dont vous avez besoin pour vos cabines