The expertise of the cabin: Interview with Laurent Keufterian founder K.B.O

« The first strength of the company K.B.O is its service »


Laurent Keufterian, Director K.B.O


The company K.B.O is the French leader in the distribution of cabins for forklifts. Presentation by Laurent Keufterian, its founder.

In 2008, Laurent Keufterian creates K.B.O: a company dedicated to the sale of cabins for forklifts. French market leader, KBO stands out for the quality of its service and capital gains offered around the cabin.

« A service company, primarily »


The unique strength of the company K.B.O, is its operating value. « We put forward the service: the availability of products, similar quality to the original cabin but more accessible. And especially a gain around the cabin: a mounting provision, special equipment, air conditioning and pressurization options, consulting, availability. We are a service company, primarily, « says Laurent.

 «« What makes our added value, it is the will, quality, field knowledge, experience, customer loyalty and value the services that are not found anywhere else. ».

The word order is the company to offer more value around the cabin. K.B.O offers and solutions coupled with options focused on comfort and safety. « In the comfort pack, we offer articles about the appreciation of the cab including air conditioning, soundproofing, lighting. We also have security packs with options like rear camera, shatterproof windows » says Laurent.

K.B.O is also a strong commitment in terms of responsiveness. With the availability of stocks on the one hand, but also the availability of the service. « We have a technical and commercial hotline hotline. At any time and any day, our customers can contact us to send us their requests or inquiries. Today, we are able to receive calls and to respond within 24 hours, when troubleshooting or completely replacing the cabin » says Laurent.

 « We give out turnkey solutions »

K.B.O provides an answer to all specific types of environments. « We have alternatives that allow us to respond to specific requests. We give out turnkey solutions: we take care of everything from development to assembly of the cab, « says Laurent, » this service is very popular with our customers. « 

«We also develop specific products. These are products that we adapt to the environment in which the truck is working. And we are able to produce these solutions by unit, without volume. »

K.B.O works with a consultancy study internalized and a Research & Development department. « Our research works on the specificity of the product and R & D department develops quality. We have field technicians, assembly technicians, specialized and licensed air conditioning technicians. The integration of these different bodies of internal expertise allows us to meet any specific needs » says Laurent.

The company is certified K.B.O:

  • ISO 9002 (2001 version)
  • 14001
  • MASE

  « The will, the quality and knowledge of the field » 

K.B.O teams are motivated by a common value: the will to continuously improve product quality and services. With a customer complaint rate of less than 3% over the year, the company is recognized for its ability to adapt.

 « We always have latest machinery available to develop our products. This allows us to continuously adapt our solutions according to their uses in the field » says Laurent. « Last year, we developed a new activity around air conditioning. This year, we are developing another round of pressurization, following the evolution of environmental standards with respect to pollution control. And for 2017, our goal is to further increase the quality of our products, maintaining the same level of price and service. » 

 «It is thanks to our customers that we are here today. Thanks to their trust, loyalty. It is thanks to our team, too. Our wish and our desire has always been to get better every day.»

Once upon a time KBO … After 15 years of experience in the sales department of a manufacturer of cabins for forklifts, Keufterian Laurent launched his own company in 2008. In cabins of sales activities in a garage, KBO is a company which now has 16 people. In less than 5 years, becomes leader on the French market.


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